Meet Brooke - UCP of WCW's New Human Resources Intern!

Brooke Carrigan started working with UCP of West Central WI a little over two weeks ago and she’s been doing a fabulous job! We’re super excited to have her on the team as a Human Resources Intern. Brooke is working hard to find us new caregivers! We want you to get to know Brooke a little and welcome her to UCP of WCW. :)

About Brooke:

Brooke is from Boyd, WI and is the oldest sibling out of four. Her siblings include Kirsten who is 20, Jacob who is 11 and Emily who is 9. She’s really digging the small staff we have here at UCP and positive work environment. Another organization close to her heart (besides UCP of course) would be the American Cancer Society as she has lost a few family members to various cancers.

When she’s not working, Brooke likes to travel and spend time outside. Her son, Nolan, loves to go to parks, so a lot of their time is spent visiting different parks. However, if she could go anywhere it would be Germany for Oktoberfest and Ireland for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Brooke isn’t really a soda person, but her favorite food is pizza and cereal is Frosted Flakes or Captain Crunch. (yum!) However, her favorite restaurant is Red Lobster, which I must agree is a pretty top notch choice. (I could go for some lobster with melted butter right now…)

When it comes to Cats or Dogs, Brooke is definitely a dog person and actually has one named Buster, along with a beta fish named Batman. If she could, she’d probably marry her Celebrity Crush Ansel Elgort and live happily ever after with her son Nolan, Buster and Batman.

So there you have it. Welcome Brooke Carrigan everyone!