Skills for Life - What's that all about?

Programs are what make us UCP of West Central Wisconsin, along with the people we serve via them. So, posts about what we do only seemed natural next. We're going to present these in a series of posts to make it a little more exciting and intriguing for you. As well as to prevent giving your brain a massive overload of information, because that's no fun is it? 

Our organization holds over seven programs for people of all ages and varying abilities in 12 counties of West Central Wisconsin. We currently have two Program Service Coordinators who organize and put together these services for clients. 

You could check out our programs on the website, but a blog is always a little more fun when it comes to learning about something isn't it?

Being that UCP serves people of all ages and varying abilities we offer a variety in our programs to fit the wide range of our demographics. With that said, we have a couple new programs added to the mix.


These new programs are really geared towards young adults in transition and their guardians. The world can be an intimidating place and when you're turning 18, regardless of your abilities it's really difficult to know where to start. Becoming an independent member of society certainly made me a little nervous that I'm sure your child could be feeling the same way. With that said, we have two amazing programs to assist!

Our first is, Skills for Life. This program is geared towards teens and young adults (20's). Sessions are taught at Lake Street Methodist Church along with community involvement. Participants learn cooking skills in the church's Kitchen area, work on cleaning in groups, social skills with one another via in person and phone skills.


Outside of the classroom setting they have the opportunity to learn how to use the city bus, steps of doing laundry at a laundry mat, shopping at a grocery store, asking for help and checking out at the checkout. Independent and teamwork skills are worked on throughout sessions along with games that give participants social experiences. Skills for life offers a diverse mixture of daily living skills in a small group setting of 4-10 people per session with volunteer helpers.

The program runs in a series made up of five, three hour sessions throughout five weeks. Participants can choose from Monday afternoons (1-4pm) or Thursday mornings (9am-12pm). Series' are held throughout the entire year and each costs only $100 (that's $20 per 3 hour session). 

Doesn't Skills for Life sound fun?! If you're looking for information on registration, check out our Skills for Life page under Programs on the website.

Stay tuned for more posts about UCP-WCW programs and services!