Employee Packet

New Employee Packets 2018 (Full Packet)

Packet Form 1: Employee Contact Form

Packet Form 2: Respite Care Worker Set-Up Form

Packet Form 3 & 4: 2017 W4 and WT4 Forms (Tax Withholding)

2017 W4 FILLABLE FORM: 2017 W4

Packet Form 5: Form I9 (Employment Eligibility Verification)

Packet Form 6: Background Information Disclosure (BID)

Packet Form 7: Documentation of Training

Packet Form 8: Medicaid Program Participation

Packet Form 9: Registration Form

Packet Form 10: Direct Deposit Form

Packet Form 11: Time Card Example 2

Packet Form 12: Pay Stub Instructions

Packet Form 13: 2018 Payroll Schedule



New Employer Handbook

New Employer Handbook




Blank Time Card

(Time Cards can be emailed to our office at ucptimesheets@gmail.com)

Blank UCP Time Card