Navigating the System

Navigating the System is a group for parents who are trying to "Navigate the System" of transition services for a child with special needs in the 18 year old age category. Transitions occur all through life, but a major time is when a child is turning 18. There are many things to think about... guardianship, how long will a child remain in school, different programs i.e. Life Without Limits and Project Search. It can be very overwhelming for all involved. This program provides presentations by local service representatives involved with organizations relating to transitional services. Some speakers and topics include a Lawyer on guardianship, ADRC representative on Functional Assessment for Services, a CVTC Disability Specialist, a Job Coach from DVR and more. This is a FREE program for parents and families.


DVR Counselor | August 30th
Kari Buza - CVTC Disability Specialist | Sept. 27th
Danielle Ender - ADRC Specializes in Functional Assessment for Services when over 18 | Oct. 25th
Peter Grosskopf - Lawyer/Guardianship | Nov. 29th
Social Security Representative | Dec. 27th
Tammy King - DVR/Job Coach | Jan. 31st

Location: L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library
Time: 4:30-6:00pm

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Nancy Meyer
Program Service Coordinator