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Lifespan Respite Network Western Region

Lifespan Respite Care is a system to identify and coordinate respite care options for families regardless of age, special need, or other characteristic of the person needing care. Respite Care Association of Wisconsin is a not-for-profit agency serving as the central point of contact for Lifespan Respite Care Programs across the state. UCP of West Central Wisconsin (UCP of WCW) is well-versed in the respite options available for families in their respective counties, and are happy to answer any questions. UCP of WCW is the Western Regional contact for the LIFESPAN grant. To get connected with us please contact the office at 715-832-1782.

Lifespan Respite establishes a network of respite providers to make relief available to caregivers of people with special needs. These special needs may include cognitive, physical, behavioral, and/or emotional disabilities.

Lifespan Respite Network serves all persons regardless of age, ethnicity, disability, or situation. The network also provides preventative measures to ensure that primary caregivers receive the relief they need to stay healthy and keep the family together.

Lifespan Respite Care Grant Through the Respite Care Association of Wisconsin

United Cerebral Palsy of West Central Wisconsin has received a grant from the Respite Care Association of Wisconsin to establish the Lifespan Respite Care Network. The program is designed to combine existing respite resources with new resources in order to provide a continuum of consistent and quality respite care to caregivers of people with special needs. This network, established within United Cerebral Palsy of West Central Wisconsin, will provide:

  • Family respite stipends, provided through the Lifespan Grant ant the United Way Grant, to residents of all ages.
  • Information & resources for families searching for respite, including funding and care providers.
  • Existing training resources and organized training opportunities for families and care providers.