Who We Are

Our Brochure can be found here.

United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of West Central Wisconsin offers professional services, care and understanding to meet the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities throughout the twelve counties West Central Wisconsin area. UCP is a United Way Agency, in existence since 1954, serving over 600 families annually. Sixty -five percent (65%) of UCP's consumers/clients have a disability other than cerebral palsy. The following UCP agency services are provided to form a support network for people with disabilities:

• West Central Wisconsin Adult Follow-Up Evaluation Clinic at Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire;

• UCP provides consumers with technical assistance, information and appropriate referrals to other agencies and monitors implementation of those referrals;

• UCP provides recreational opportunities for all ages, a summer weekend adult camp is sponsored by the St. Croix Valley Disability Coalition and UCP;

• Individualized, personalized counseling is offered to the child, adolescent, or to the adult grappling with the acceptance of having a disability into his/her own life;

• UCP protects the legal and human rights of persons with disabilities as well as of their families (including rights to education, property, community services, social involvement and medical and therapeutic care;

• Through public education, UCP seeks to increase the sensitivity of people to the feelings, challenges and abilities of people with disabilities;

• UCP helps people with disabilities get and keep meaningful employment, independent housing, networking support and attendant care.

Meeting the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities