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UCP of West Central Wisconsin Office Wish List

·  Marker board to mount on the wall - for the conference/break room

·  Easel with a marker board on it

·  Dry erase markers

·  Post-it notes – all sizes

·  Printer/copy machine paper

·  Colored printer paper

·  White cardstock paper

·  Hanging file folders (variety of colors, letter size)

·  Manila file folders

·  Manila mailing envelopes – all sizes

·  Padded mailing envelopes – all sizes

·  Office chairs that can be raised and lowered, preferably with arms

·  Conference table chairs that match for the conference room

·  2 drawer file cabinets that can be locked

·  New USB keyboard that the letters have not been worn off-  wireless preferred, but wired keyboard is also appreciated

·  Office phones

·  Color printer that has a scanner (2)

·  GPS units for cars (to be used on home visits)

·  Laptop computers (3)

·  Colored folders

·  Desktop organizational accessories